Who are we

Since 2004, The Salrid Group has been working on multiple ventures in IT, Logistics & Accounting having realised the potential in this multi-billion dollar industry. Holiday Couriers started as an idea to provide courier services on weekends and public holidays with no frills. Simple point-to-point delivery service at a time when Uber and Lyft were non-existent. This early entry into the Urgent After Hour delivery space provides us with the opportunity to serve some of the top Fortune 100 companies in Australia, India and Singapore.
Following the success of Holiday Couriers, the Salrid Group expanded their reach with the launch of Couriers To India in 2015. A straightforward omnidirectional logistic service to India from anywhere in the world. After Australia, Couriers To India set up operations in New Zealand, Canada, USA and UK. Currently, we are looking for partners in the Middle East and South East Asia.
Alongside this, the Salrid Group established Orange Infomedia in 2010 to support the IT infrastructure required for the ever-expanding logistic ventures. Over the last 10 years, we have supported numerous SME and non-profit entities to have an online identity and attractive branding to support their cause.
All of the above would not have been possible without our foray into accounting and insolvency advisory services. Our Directors hold memberships of professional accounting bodies – CPA, CA, CTA and PIPA. This helped us establish appropriate checks and balances to ensure the continuity of business processes and accountability of our services to the public.
We look forward to the next decade of growth and meaningful partnerships with our suppliers, stakeholders and clients.

What We Do

We add an extra dose of planning, meticulous execution and on time reporting to set ourselves apart from the crowd. We work with industry leaders to avoid reinventing the wheel and leverage their expertise to build our own. Creating long term profitable synergies with our suppliers and partners helps us deliver solutions quickly and effectively.

Our Philosophy

Over the last 15 years, we have worked with the same set of principles that other businesses have worked with for centuries and have been successful.

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